Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Did I miss EARTH DAY? Or is it still coming? The Sunday NYTimes Magazine was chock full of things people are doing and positing. I hope some of it works even though it's all a drop in the bucket. I hope it's not going to be all hype and nothing really happening -- it seems there is even a mental disease now about guilt for not doing enough. Jez!

Those of us who grew up several decades ago in simpler circumstances learned a lot of the things being suggested now -- like drying clothes on a line outdoors. Like not washing a towel just because someone dried on it after a bath -- good heavens, it's got only clean water on it. Like not leaving the lights on or the refrigerator door open or the tap running. Many of us learned "waste not, want not" as a way of life. Save left overs and make soup or casseroles. Those are the simple things. Some of us like to walk or ride bicycles.

It's still poetry month. Here's one by Susan Hahn called "HYSTERIA"
I know I know
I took in too much
the tree was there
with its enticing skins,
the garden intolerably quiet,
the snake so colorful, resolute,
I thought if I could just fondle
the fruit ... but now, Please God,
I want to go back to the beginning
of the day so I can say no thank you
it's all considerably more han I can handle.

And while we're drawing morals - or are we? -- this poem speaks to why we need to make a fuss about Earth Day and all the ecologists are talking about, everyday.

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