Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

What a lovely weekend! SPRING!!! In all its glory was here. It will probably regress, it always seems to but this was a gift to savor. Plus to was great to see people. Ellen was here for a couple of days and we went to THE CONNECTION, a play off-B'way. An anomaly, a play made from a movie and not vice versa -- and although I didn't see the movie, it worked as a play.

Saturday was a perfect spring day and we took advantage of it by going to the Brooklyn Botanical garden where, among much, much else we saw these spectacular tulips ... and about half the popularion of Brooklyn. When spring bursts forth so do all the people who have been penned up in their apartments. There's a sense of general enjoyment in the air.

Ellen's purpose for coming was to see Martha Mithcel, In Mostly Her Own Words, written by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro and acted by Geraln Horton, dircted bo June Lewin. It was especially delightful to make dinner for the group, minus Rosanna who has family in NYC, but including the pianist, Joan Faber and
her husband. It's a wonderful play, a talented bunch of people -- all from Boston -- and so timely since civil liberties that are still being ignored by the Washington insiders. Wonderfully done to a far too small an audience. So there was good theatre, good talk, and good, good weather, which included beautiful flowers.

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