Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Quilt top. Nancy Pelosi

As promised, proof that I am quilting. This is the second step -- after I put together 25 nine-patch squares, all alike,just nine fabrics, no r.andom additions, and then I cut them up and put them back together, this is what I had Then I sewed the 25-blocks into a square , bordered it first with black and then with a blue print [print doesn't show in picture] and it will have a stripped binding. I like the colors which aren't very true in the pictures [as usual]. So here's a corner. I like it but not enough. So I've been adding fused additions which I will show after the weekend when Ill be able, I hope, to get the whole thing quited and finished.
I like it but I think, oncea again, I've been to conservative and need more contrast.

Now to the Tibet situation once more -- it hasn't ended and I hope it doesn't until China makes some move in response to Western criticism. Nanc Palosi and others introdced a resolutioninto the House of Representatives today calling for China to stop the violence in Tibet and to meet with the Dalai Lama to attempt a substantive agreement. The resolution passed with only one dissenting vote [Ron Paul of Pennsylvania] This vote may not influence China but the it could be heard of Bush's advisors. A real move seems to be afoot for heads of state to boycott the opening ceremonies, which would be a real problem for Chinesed dignity. Hurray Ms. Pelosi!

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