Thursday, April 24, 2008

Received, art quilt

Yes, it's a bunny. And I do know Easter is long past; but it IS spring and bunnies are busy this time of year, you know. This one was a little extra gift. If you click the picture, he'll enlage to bigger than he actually is so you can appreciate him.

This is to share with you-all the work of Crystal who made the bunny and also, entirely by hand, a double sided 8x8 little art quilt Here are the two sides.
Again if you click you can see the embroidery stitches and that she's usd layers of felt and ribbon and added beads and the two sides are complimentary while being whole unto themselves. This is a talented woman! Just had to show it off. It may inspire me to do double sided piece one of these days ... a good idea is always worth stealing.
The only thing missing is that she did not add her name, which all artists really ought to do.

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