Sunday, April 06, 2008

How a Quilt Series Start, Opera in HD

I looked and looked at the quilt I finished a couple days ago and wondered what would happen if...the block is smaller the choices are less I've started another with 3-1/2 inch blocks instead of 5 inch and the squares will all be the same except the center blocks of which half will be green and half red. It'll be lap size not throw size- unless I decide on a large border. So I sewed the squares today and will take a photo before I cut them up and put them back together. it's the "What if" factor...that starts series. This has some promise. We'll see.

I was going to do another poem today but I went this afternoon to another opera from Italy in HD video at Symphony Space - this from Florence, La Forza del Destino, a Verdi opera I've been listening to for 50 years but never saw. And never paid much attention to the convoluted story. href=""> Just as well I never focused on the story - it's horrible! Based on the machismo "revenge" motive, full of glory of war and religious mania. Tried hard to listen to the glorious voices -- the sound was excellent, voices beautiful. [Violetta Urbana as in picture here and marcello giordani and Carlo Guelfi]. But only one scene was theatrically powerful and my critical mind just wouldn't stop hating the ridiculous story.

Plus the video was almost primitive. There was no editing as such, long periods of nothing -- or orchestra tuning up what seemed interminably. Lighting awful. I know the Metropolitan Opera is truly well produced and the video is top notch, but the Italians, justly proud of their opera tradition, should be ashamed of not getting good video people. It was painful - truly painful to listen to the orchestra tuning and have the camera focus on cables on the floor! Picky, picky! But really ...

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