Monday, December 21, 2009


Dawn came as late as it can, the afternoon darkness seemed to descend very early -- really breif minutes, on either end. Knowing it is the winter solstice I noticed the day's brevity. The differences are slight, I may not be truly aware of increasing daylight for a week or two but I know it's happening.

The aftermath of the blizzard was very lovely. The entire lawn was an unmarked blanket of slightly drifted white. Most of the wind came from the general direction of Canada. After the snow plow had been here and I had watched a number of people manage to get their cars free of the plowed up barriers I went out mid-afternoon just to see what barriers I would have to cross tomorrow when I'll go do errands. I have seen so much worse! I began to simply kick at the snow behind the rear of my car. Within ten minutes I had nearly flattened the area, almost down to pavement - just by kicking. When I came in I felt as though I had had a dance class workout -- very invigorated. The snow is light and fluffy still, rather dry, too. I hope the temperatures remain below freezing this week so that Christmas will be white. By then the roads will have been properly cleared - as they are not yet -- and a drive through almost any neighborhood will be tour through lights of all colors.

Light -- that is at the heart of all these winter festivals, the return of the sun after it's diminishment. We celebrate light with our own little lights artfully arranged or gaudy; the spirit remains ancient and numinous.

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