Sunday, December 13, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Beethoven's birthday is the 17th of December. For some reason the local classical music radio station decided to celebrate it yesterday, so they played, I think, all the symphonies and quite a lot else, even including the Choral Fantasy which doesn't get played often but which I delight in every time I hear it. I found myself stopping whatever I was doing throughout the day to listen to a favorite movement. And then at 9:00 they played the 9th symphony. I had had a restless night the night before so I decided by the start of the final movement to turn out the lights and just listen -- but I fell asleep and didn't hear a word of the choral portion. Ah, well...

Why, you may wonder, is any of this important? I could just put on a CD or tape, I have both of the favorite Beethoven pieces, or listen to my iPod. Well, I don't have an iPod and my CD player has given up and I need batteries for my tape player ... anyway I habitually live serendipitiously. I let happenstance give me what comes on the radio. In fact my reason for not even wanting an iPod is that one loads it with what one knows and loves -- yes, say all, that's the point. My point then is, how do you ever discover what's new and what you don't know exists? How are you surprised and delighted by the randomness of the world? What has happened to curiosity and discovery? If I need sleep more than the end of the 9th symphony, that's what I needed.

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Marie aka Grams aka Gramarme said...

Right on. I just love your style. You're my new role model of what I want to grow into. Thanks for leading the way.