Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mariner's Star #3

This is the third Carol Doak mariner's star I've just finished. I like this one best. I befuddle myself about my wobbly sense of color -- the other two are okay but they're definitely not examples of sueperb color choices -- even though I have to say as I usually do that these photographs are not very true in color. Still this one seems to work considerably better than the others.

I started another Carol Doak star yesterday, from her earlier book, 50 Stars, and I find that one fabric is definitely less well chosen than the others. Some mechanism that happens when I'm imagining how things will work together just doesn't always click. I lay the fabrics out together and stare at them, leave them, come back, look some more, sometimes make changes. But still I make mistakes. I know, I know, "to err is human" but in these cases I'm trying hard not to make an error. All I can do is keep practicing. It's only a 12x12 block so it's not a big deal in terms of wasted materials or time. It's just frustrating to be reminded of my own imperfection.


Marie aka Grams aka Gramarme said...

This one is a beauty, too. I'm impressed with your ability to accomplish so much...I struggle with that.
You left a comment on my blog, and it's a new thought I never would have had. I had not viewed Walt Whitman as a narcissist, but in retrospect, I see what you mean. Thanks for broadening my horizons in so many ways.

Evelyn said...

I like this one best too - especially the two reds in the center. Very nice!

Gina said...

I think it's lovely.

I tend not to fret too much about my colour choices. I pick the ones I like and think might go together and then run with them.

Love and hugs Gina xxxx

Kass said...

I keep forgetting to look at your quilting blog. Just scrolled through it again. Love those Mariner's Stars and your photography and thoughts. Now I'm going to have to stop off at Marie's blog to see what you wrote about narcissism and Walt Whitman.

Diane said...

Beautiful June, when I scrolled down this just jumped out at me. You do good girl!