Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mariner's Star #2

The second of there Mariners Stars made from the most recent Carol Doak paper piecing book. The recipient has written that she likes bright colors so I decided to use the Hoffman print fabric that is on the border and back as a guideline for bright colors. I've had that fabric quit a while and this was almost the end of it. But I am a saver and a few strips went into my bag from which to make strip quilts in the future.

The twisted trim that is zigzagged around the border is actually a kind of twine. I had a little time one afternoon in Ching Mai, Thailand and went looking for interesting fabrics. I actually didn't find any because I walked in the wrong direction from my hotel as I found out the next morning when I walked the other way. But I did go into a small shop selling crafty things. All I saw that I wanted was this twine. Several meter-long pieces were hung over a hook behind the counter. I asked about purchasing some. The owners looked surprised, but being business people gave me a price, a very low price. And I bought a hand full of pieces. When I left it dawned on me this was not craft for sale it was the twine they used to tie packages they for customers. Nevertheless I like it very much and have used it in a few quilts and still have a good supply for the future. When I travel I try to purchase things that will continue giving me pleasure, [often earrings or rings]. Then when I use them or wear them I have a moment of vivid remembrance of the store and the clerk I dealt with.

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Gina said...

Love the border fabric

Love and hugs Gina xxx