Thursday, December 10, 2009

Courage, Baby!

With circles in my head, I am paging through this new book, Quilt Mavens, by Deb Karaski and Janet Mednick which is full of incredible paper pieced quilt designs, some with spiky circles some with even more impressive curved patterns. I'm not always crazy about their color choices but far from certain I could make better choices.

Sewing curves has mostly defeated me. I made some Dresden Plates back in the ancient days and they were okay -- nothing back then was great but I was getting the hang of things all on my own in the jurassic period when the current quilting surge had not yet begun. I started a Double Wedding Ring paper pieced quilt which was a UFO a long, long time when I had difficulty putting the pieces together and finally was bagged in plastic and given away. I had a very hard time with a Drunkard's Path earlier this year and turned what would have been a full sized quilt into a lap size one -- with a wide border so the number of curved containing pieces was as few as possible. SOOOO...? Dare I tackle one of the easier quilts in this book? Not at this moment but when I finish, or get well into what's in the sewing room? Challenges are fun -- except when they're extremely frustrating. Meanwhile it's better than simple eye candy, it's a call from the forests of serious quilting, "Courage, Baby!"

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Diana said...

I love looking at quilts with curved pieces, but I've always been intimidated by them because my machine piecing skills are not that great. But, hey, we don't improve if we don't challenge ourselves from time to time, right?