Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quilting Arts Book

With the mailed flyer and it's various coupons, off I went to Jo-Ann's to stock up on quilt batting. Bought two kinds, polyester, which I have nothing against, and an all natural one that I think will be nicer when I get around to the necessary great-grandson quilt, but he's not expected until mid May so there's plenty of time. Who knows, I may get on a roll as sometimes happened and make more than one baby quilt.

With 40% off, I finally decided I had to have The Quilting Arts Book, especially as I've let my subscription to the magazine lapse. It is easier to have so many ideas in one place. I sold my entire back issue set of the magazine when I moved so this replaces them. The book not only has many inspiring pictures, it also has a great deal of information about design and about techniques. I will enjoy reading it.

I'm not really an art quilter at all, except for the occasional small fit of making something for a specific reason. My form of creative expression is writing. I love the design elements of making quilts, from small to large, the color, the graphic impact and so on. This is so satisfying I am happy using purchased fabrics and designs others have thought up and written about. My quilts serve either an immediate useful purpose for beds or throws or decorative purpose as wall hangings but they're not art, they're craft. That's enough. I'll clutter my hard drive with poems, short stories, novels, and other writing. It seems a reasonable balance and I feel satisfactorily "expressed."


Marie aka Grams aka Gramarme said...

I so admire your writing, June. Where can I read more of it? I know you have another blog, but it seems I needed a membership to access it.
I feel the same way about quilting as you do. To me, it fits in the craft category.
In the quilt I made for Christmas, I used the new bamboo batting, which I loved. It seems lighter weight, and it is thinner, but a bit warmer. We'll see how it wears. Good luck in the new year. I hope to read more from you. Marie

June Calender said...

Marie, there's no membership thing for my other blog. Sometimes the internet gives screwy information. If you go to my profile page, down at the bottom my two blogs are listed and you should be able to just click on Big 7-0 and it should go to it. We both have blogspot addresses and there shouldn't be any problem.

Marie aka Grams aka Gramarme said...

Thanks, June. Going there now. More later. Have a sunny day.