Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RAK -- Wee giftie

This mini quilt is not quite 4x4 inches. Those teensy-tiny diamonds are amazing. I did not make it. It came to me as a RAK -- random act of kindness from a woman I've never met who lives in South Korea and who found this in Thailand and felt I would enjoy it. I think it's beautiful and wonderful. The edges were raw, I added the red border and put it in a small black frame which picked up so many light reflections I cropped it out of this photo. If you click the photo you will enlarge this to almost double it's real size, then try to imagine those little triangles in the border!

I love the quilt and I think I understand that woman's impulse. I have been to Thailand and I loved spending several hours wandering the night markets in both Bangkok and Ching Mai -- more enticing than any American shopping mall I know because there are mostly smaller stalls with tons of things, many handmade and many not and one can bargain. It's literally a night market, opening about 7:00 and staying open until about midnight. When traveling I have occasionally found charming things I could not resist and then at home I thought, but I don't need this, I won't use this, who might appreciate this properly? And then gifted it. Spread the pleasure. That stranger who only knows me via an internet group, was very kind and thoughtful sending this to me. The world can use all the RAKs people bestow ... it's a good season to remember that.


Evelyn said...

I love it. The small "thinking of you" gifts are just the best!

Selvage Quilter said...

So pretty. I love tiny pieces and these are really tiny! What a thoughtful gift.

Haven't seen you at the guild meetings lately, June. Hope to see you soon.


Selvage Quilter said...

Oops, I guess I haven't seen you because you moved to the Cape. What a beautiful place to live. Best wishes to you!