Friday, December 25, 2009

One of Three Mini-Quilts

I am committed to three mini-quilts for Swap-bot friends. I have done the piecing of all three, [as written about recently, from Carol Doak's Mariner Compass Stars.] To me piecing is the fun part,I love watching the pattern take shape. The quilt is 12x12, actually almost 13x13 counting the binding. This particular one got off to a bad start with the wrong color choices. After half a block I saw it just wasn't right. I switched from too dark fabrics to these and so here it is. The recipient likes blue and green; so I hope she'll like this one. I am constantly learning about color, largely about the importance of intensity or hue -- I don't have an art school vocabulary for the qualities of color but my eye is beginning to get educated. I am very happy to have a large stash so I can make a variety of choices.

I'll finish the second, and maybe the third as well tomorrow. I had only a little to do on this one so I finished it in a nice lull after Christmas festivities. Now I have two books started -- which one will I curl up with for a couple of hours? Probably first one and then the other.

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