Thursday, April 09, 2009

UFO, had to go

Some UFOs are never going to be finished -- at least by me. These segments for a double wedding ring with paper pieced quarter circles has been in the bottom of a big wicker hamper for at least five years. I like hte pattern, I like the colors but I am not going to put it together; piecing the curved seams is something I don't want to struggle with. So this UFO is going out to a share table and if someone wants to go on from where I left off -- good for them. I have some of that old WASP guild about not finishing what you start, but I'm ignoring it at this point. If that's maturity, I'v finally grown up. If it's laziness, sobeit.

On the other hand, this UFO which was a bed fellow of the above pieces, and which is at least as old, or perhaps older, IS going to become a quilt and quickly, too. It was there because I did all the quilting by hand and thought I'd put the squares together by hand also -- like while riding on a bus or something. But to hell with that! I'm zigzagging the square together which is quick and easy if not at all elegant. The quilt will get finished, will have that faddish "vintage" look and will be given away, unless I find I can sell it for some pittance.

Thus I am cleaning up the odds and ends I am uncovering as I sort and pack. I cannot believe I found I had three editions of the complete piano sonatas -- the scores, not recordings -- of Beethoven. I love them, but can't play most of them and definitely am thrift-storing two versions. I suppose other such things will appear. Nice to get rid of some of the clutter without a shred of regret.

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Stephanie D. said...

I really like the colors on both of them! Cathi at Quilt Obsession is doing a DWR using Inklingo, and she's thrilled at the accuracy. I've never tried that myself, but maybe someday. She likes curved piecing, though, and does it by hand. I'm not quite that patient.