Monday, April 06, 2009

As Done As It's Going to be For a While

This UFO now has a border and a piece back, all it needs is batting and to be quilted -- and that's as done as it's going to be for a while. It feels good to have that much done. I felt this particular quilt pattern, which I do not consider a very good ideas at all, has fought me at every step just to become coherent. But it is. It will be useful but quite possibly not used by me. One of the sell, or eventually, if there is a charitable opportunity, given away.

It happens that now and then some pattern will catch my eye, or my fancy, or both -- unless they're the same thing -- and I jump in quickly and start making it. If it's a lucky time I finish the whole thing at once and even if I don't like it at the end, it's done and that makes it useful. If it's unlucky it gets UFO-ed for weeks, months or sometimes years, and then when I come back to it the originall impetus has faded. In this case I didn't even remember starting it and it became very different from the original inspiration. Ah, well, it's done and finishing a project always gives me a pious feeling.

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