Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stash assessment

As I prepare to move I look at my fabric stash and do not even consider paring down. However I have been reading a blog of a quilter I found in the favorites list of Down The Well, which I high recommend. This quilter is part of a ring of bloggers whose aim is to use their stash and not purchase more -- or only purchase when something totally irresistible is at hand. I think I will take on that philosophy and attempt to do the same once I am settled again ... actually, I ALWAYS, think that's what I'm trying to do. But i haven't made a concerted effort to assess the stash and work proactively at using it up. However I am not a person who decides to make a quilt and then forays to the store to buy just for that quilt. I always think in terms of what I already have and of using as much as possible.

I suspect I'll feel even more strongly about stash reducing when the stuff if pulled out of the closet and then moved to a new closet. At present it's all divided by color into zip plastic bags [oh, I know some say that's bad for fabric]. Well, it works for me since plastic bags as squashable and also I can see what I have. I use the ones sheets and comforters come in. I see photos of wonderful sewing rooms with the fabric in baskets or neatly folded on open shelve, maybe something like that is in my future. We will see. My current method works for now. Being in the middle of packing, I long for days with a nice open hour or two just to sit and sew.

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MaryContrary said...

Another post I can relate to. Not too long ago I made the decision that I wanted to use up my stash as much as possible. I am the only active needleworker in my family. Mom does some every now and then but finds that it is too hard on her eyes. I have all this material that everyone else in the family would simply throw in the trash. Better I use it than that. The only fabric I get now is something that I need to finish a piece or that comes to me when someone else has purchased it for me to make into a quilt for them. So far I have managed to keep to the plan. That is a minor miracle since I have never been known for keeping resolutions!! LOL!