Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Quilt Gets a New Home

These are just some of the quilts I brought out for possible sale over the weekend. I also taped quite a few on the wall. I was a little surprised that the concept of quilts on the wall was foreign to most people. They thought only of something on the bed or a throw on the sofa. Quilts as "art" or at least decor was not an idea they could get their heads around. More education needs to be done.
I had an apartment sale on Saturday and Sunday. I spread out lots of my quilts, not all, but an overwhelming number. The truly rock bottom prices were still too much for most people who frequent such sales. However my "Cardinals in the Snow," a paper pieced log cabin variation with fused pictures of cardinals, did sell to the woman in the photo. I don't have her name, but I think the quilt will be well loved. I liked it a lot although it was a little to long fora single bed -- I had thought of using it as a wall hanging, especially round about Christmas time. But bye-bye, make someone else happy. A few others were sold but I didn't think to get a photo.

I did not expect to sell much but I wanted to get rid of books especially, as packing them up and taking them somewhere is a heavy, heavy chore in a city and book sellers are horribly picky. So I gave them away and was delighted to find many literate people in the building who were happy to take away big bags full or arm loads. While chatting about their interests and lives. The good talk was the best part of the weekend. I enjoyed it very much. Some people I've seen for years and years and never talked to before. A shame but as people say "that's New York." And it is. Which is one of the sadder things about living in great impersonal apartment buildings. Still, a very belated, brief aquaintance was very satisfying.


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Stephanie D. said...

But you know, those bits of conversation between you and them, or among themselves, might just open them up to saying hello to each other more. At the very least, I'll bet it was a highlight of their weekend, too.