Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another Quilt Gets a New Home

Bethany Reynold's "Stack and Whack" technique of making fascinating quilts with swirling patterns -- all of them different -- has delighted me ever since I learned it from her first book, which was given to me by a dear friend, Lynn. It looks like painstaking fancy cutting. It's not. It's painstaking layering of the fabric before cutting and then whack-whack, well, really cut carefully to make sure the layers don't shift. The sewing is what delights me because I can never foresee what a block is going to look like until it is complete -- not entirely a failure of my imagination but mostly the wonder of using a fairly complex textile design and rearranging the parts.

This was my second "stack and whack" and I thought I'd love a sunny yellow background on my bed because I do love sunny yellow in the house -- like so much sunshine. But it didn't work in my crowded and too busy apartment so I've never used this quilt. Now it is being sent to a new owner, a co-worker of my daughter. who has seen the pictures and wants to buy it. Hurray! It'll have a new home, a happy new owner. And I have a reason -- as if I needed one -- to make another "stack and whack" in the next few months ... in fact I have just the fabric which was purchased for this very purpose two or three years ago. So it's time! Soon.

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ice princess said...

The sunshine quilt arrived yesterday to its new home. Beautiful!

With big thanks,

the happy new owner ☀