Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good talk, not necessarily good-bye

[This is a smallish wall quilt I had forgotten I had but I like it. I discovered several I'd forgotten. Also, there's one I can't find that I saw only a couple weeks ago. It must be folded in with others but I haven't seen it in the whole packing period. More looking for it tomorrow.]
Meanwhile, I awake rather early each morning with a burst of energy and plans what will get packed I work hard until somewhere around noon and then kind of wear out. It's okay, things are moving along and there's really not much left to do. Plus a lot of straightening has happened and some disposing of extraneous stuff -- a lighter, cleaner, freer feeling. Good!

In the last two days I've had four different conversations with four very different friends. Good talk, good reading, good theatre or movies, those are the things that make me feel wonderful, get the brain spinning and the endorphines buzzing happily in the brain. I'm good with long periods of silence [or classical music] when I'm alone; that's a necessary offset to the other periods of stimulation -- although the alone periods are stimulating too if I'm writing or reading or doing other things that are very satisfying. So just now, I'm working hard, all is generally good -- with the exception of my recent hair cut. The less said the better on that score.

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