Sunday, April 05, 2009

Empire Quilt Guild Meeting

This is the show and tell photo Cindy Russell took [and is now on the Empire Quilter's Guild website -- along with all the other show and tells -- including an amazing quilted Obama picture that is worth going to look at]

I decided, instead of being sad that yesterday could be my last Empire Quilters Guild meeting, I would maintain my membership and do a six hour trip [each way] two or three or four times next year to come to a meeting. There is so much I like about this group, from the many women who are friendly and competent to the excellent speakers to the share table and occasional members flea markets when I buy lots of great fabric at incredible prices, to the show and tell which is always interesting to the quilter of the month -- yesterday a woman who made dolls as well as quilting and who was a very humorous speaker, plus the wonderful biannual shows.

The quilts from the show have been beautifully photographed by our photographer/ webmaster, Cindy Russell and her husband/partner and can be seen in all their glory by clicking here. It's a fantastic show -- almost a survey of the kinds of quilts being made today, although there are not many truly traditional ones.

The quild gained twenty new members at this meeting, one of the most unexpected was a young man, Nick Aker, thirteen years old -- but going to be fourteen the first of May, as he emphasized. [A cute picture of him on the show and tell page too]. A very poised boy who showed us a complex baby dress he had made and a crib quilt. We have always had a few men in our membership, a couple are quite active. I doubt Nick represents a trend but it was delightful to meet him.

I "showed and told" about the shirting quilt and found people were more interested than I expected. I did mention that I was hoping to get more buttons for embellishment. When I got home, lo and behold! In my mail was a package from a swap partner with a 4x6 baggie full of buttons, many were the blue shirt buttons I especially wanted. So today I'll put them on the quilt and tomorrow I can probably get it in the mail to daughter Leslie to whom it is promised.

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