Friday, April 17, 2009

Sewing Withdrawal Symptoms

I packed up my sewing machine, thread, needles, thimbles, scissors, etc. Already I'm going into mental withdrawal. I do have a little packet of 2x2 squares with one needle, one thimble, one spool of thread and a tiny scissors so I can do hand work if I get shaky. No, I don't think it's going to come to that. I'm going to do the apartment building version of a garage sale, from which I expect little response but no harm in trying. I'd love to lighten the burden of quilts -- find homes for a few more. Will put up announcements in elevators and laundry room with pix of quilts and reminders about mother's day being on the way.

Meanwhile the packing is moving along at a good clip. It's just the books -- so many, many books. Long ago when I last moved I had the same problem. Complaining to a friend, "They're good books, the price couldn't be lower" -- I was willing to give them away as I am now. Said she, "You've got to realize most people already have a book." In other words, got-ta realize I'm the nut case with my endless desire for books and all that is in them. Many of the big beautiful ones went to a good thrift store this week. That not only lightens the burden but makes me feel better. And my collection of the Quilting Arts magazines also went to a good home -- a real art quilter who showed me her latest creation which was very nice. Now I must change my subscription address. Without sewing there are still plenty of things to do!


Stephanie D. said...

When is the move, June? Are you moving to a smaller place?

Good luck at your mini "garage" sale!

June Calender said...

I am moving next Saturday, April 25th, actually to a roomier apartment. The thing is this apartment is truly stuffed! The sale is more interesting than it is profitable, so far.

Helen Conway said...

'A' Book???? Ye gads! I took two to work with me today even though I knew I'd never ger to read them -just in case!My husband counted recently - he has 426. That the ones he has but has not yet had time to read not the ones he has and has read. (Actually maybe that is nothing to brag about!) We think you are normal. I wish I lived near you - I would have come to your sale and taken your books and bought a quilt in return.