Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vernal Equinox

Yesterday was the vernal equinox. Blogger was having a fit of contariness and wouldn't post. It seems to be okay today. Anyway the first thing I heard on my alarm-clock-radio was that the stock markets in Japan were closed for the vernal equinox! How about that??? The wheels of buying, selling, fortune seeking, big business trading STOPPED in a major exchange for the sake of a natural event that occurs once a year! Does anyone in the American financial industry have that kind of respect for an equinox? The idea really blew me away and I lay in bed contemplating it for some time.

Then I had time in the morning for some errands. On the street I saw a big tree with lots of green leaves, but scattered among them were yellow leaves like hints and/or decorations. Then I saw the autumnal berries in the picture above. It was a lovely day again so I walked by the river and looked at al the sail boats moored up and down the river beyond the 79th St. marina and wondered how many had persons onboard sleeping in their tiny cabins, rocking to the inflow of the tide which was happening.
As I left Riverside Park at 72nd Street and I stopped to look at the statue of Eleanor Roosevelt. I'm usually there in the afternoon when she is shadowed by the tree at her back, but the sun was on her face. What's more, someone had given her a bouquet of flowers to hold in her arms. Another passing woman stopped to smile and say what a nice thing to see. I thought so and took this picture to share.

This is one of only two statues of women in NYC. The other is Gertrude Stein and I have never seen it. All the rest of the statues in public places are men -- yes, and the dog, Balto, a noble dog and nice statue but really ... all the other female statues are mythical: Mother Goose, Alice in Wonderland, the Three Graces. 'nuf said.

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