Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Say it again, Sam

I was going through some old notes this morning and came across a list of things I heard while transcribing speeches and interviews. People often need to make themselves absolutely clear, or simply don't trust their knowledge of English, and repeat themselves unwittingly. It's a category I call, "Say It Again, Sam," I had made a list of examples. You'll see what I mean:
.. it all came out simultaneously at the same time
.. that is something the patient has not experienced before in the past
.. saves us $32 million a year annually
.. it was minus 40 degrees below zero.
.. the competition is now more numerous in number
.. the basic underlying difficulty
.. we'll do more national advertising nationwide
.. ultimately, I think in the long run ...

Then there's a few that I call "Huh?"
... seriously, I'm just kidding
.. It's a bar that seats aout 800 people standing up.
.. if you let us use your X-rays, we won't show the faces.

Just had to share these. Listen to people talking, you'll hear such things all the time. If you make a habit of listening, you'll do it less often yourself -- that's an additional plus also.

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