Thursday, September 27, 2007

Slow progess

Everything, at least in the quilting world, takes longer than I think it's going to. Thus, no comments about the quilted jacket for a week or so. I realized as I put the sleeves in that I really do enjoy making garments. And I enjoy finished them neatly inside -- in this case hiding the seams in binding. Of course that takes time. Then I decided to do a facing on the front and binding on the bottom and sleeve bottoms. Decisions, decisions. What fabric/color to use? A hot pink hand-dye, it's just a quarter inch but the extra touch, a tiny omph! All this, of couse, means more hand sewing and more time. Enjoyable work. I've added a few buttons and will add more. I've done tab closings per the pattern, and must quilt the part of the facing that will show when the jacket isn't closed. More work. And I really dislike a couple of jacktets I have that don't have pockets, so I'll add in-seam pockets although they're not in the pattern -- not difficult for someone who's sewn a lot. Will it be done by the end of THIS weekend? Well ... I hope so but that remains to be seen.

So far summer lingers -- hot and humid the last three or four days, not jacket weather at all. But it's around the corner. I'll have this jacket done for then. It's THE only project at the moment. I'm not complaining about a lingering summer even though I did make a mistake by putting away the sandals a couple weeks ago. My imperfect-ness is something I accept without embarrassment ... one of the things that comes with what passes for wisdom as one ages.

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