Saturday, September 29, 2007


I do not need books! I have in my living a 36" wide bookcase with four shelves of books I want to read and besid my bed, is anoher 48" of poety books [poetry books are slender so that's A LOT o f books] But it was a glorious fall day and I know that Housing Works Bookstore in Soho was having it's block-long, 30,000-book sale. How could i not go? Of cousre I went. I was not greedy, I did not spend hours going through all the boxes of books. BUT I did come home with all I could comfortably carry; I purchase a total of 9 books: This is what they are:
Fiberart Design Book 7 [a big book of wonderful pictures]
Art/Women? California [another big book]
Off to the Side, Jim Harrison [memoir by one of my favorite American writers]
Inez, Carlos Fuentes [ one of Mexico's most prolific an esteened writers]
and five books of poetry: The Crooked Inheritance, Marge Piercy [ a writer I've admired for years[
Science and Other Poems, Alison Hawthorne Deming [new to me but they look good]
From the Iron Chair, Greg, Glazer [also unknown to me but sounds good[
An two volumes of the Contemporary Poetry Series [each volume containing 5 complete books of poems] from Quarterly Review of Literature
Thus nine books, which in a way are seventeen books... for all of $15 and $2 transportation.
Is that fantastic or what!??!! What a way to spend a couple hours in the morning!

And then I came home and I continued my work on THE quilted jacket. It's not done but it will be tomorrow -- it needs handwork, buttons for the tabs, lots in finishing bits; but it's here -embellished with buttons and more embellishment to come. More about it in a couple of days.

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