Friday, September 14, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

For some years I've seen other quilters wearing gorgeous vests and jackets they have made. I've thought: I want one too. I could make one. But I haven't done it. Then last summer I bought a Vogue pattern, very simple, but just a bit special. I've been collecting fabrics for a long time, mostly batiks in the purpleish range. [see below] But what about the lining? A couple days ago I decided on the lovely fabric above. I've had it a long while, don't remember buying it -- maybe my dear friend Lynn sent it. Its designs are copied from a collection of textiles in England. I've never wanted to chop it up and it's too wonderful for the mere back of a quilt. So it will be the lining of my jacket.
Deja vu came on in a strong wave when I set up my old cutting arrangement -- I have a folding cardboard "table top" that I always used to use on my ironing board. It makes a 4x5 foot surface, a little tippy but I became accustomed to it. And the ironing board is adjusted to a comfortable working height. I've unfolded so many tissue patterns, thought about placement on the fabric, pinned, cut ... I used to make almost all my clothes. So many garments!! So long ago. But it was all so familar. I'm making a jacket, just five pieces: one back, two front sides and two sleeves! I'm leaving out the facings and will finish with a narrow binding. I REALLY enjoy making garments but a dedicated shopper [which I am!] can find in this fine city.
So this morning I dragged out not only the assortment of fabrics seen above but other parts of my stash. By the way that "yarn" in the picture above is actually wonderful package twine I purchased in Thailand a few years ago. Maybe it will become part of the embellishment for this jacket .. we'll see. Anyway I spread everything out in my work space -- yes, the whole 3 ft. x 3 ft., area -- including "design table". This is IT -- except for the stash storage and storage of thread, and such which is hidden in a closet.
I was happy as a clam at low tide laying out this and that and t'other on th back section. Then I started sewing them together, making adjustments and major changes ... of course it took longer than expected because I had to stand back every so often, and then dig up something from it's bag and so on. But this is great fun. It's the real moment of creation -- although I did a bit of ripping and changing. I can already tell this is going to take longer than I think it's going to take -- if that makes any sense. But it's going to be fun. I'm going to do a lot of quilting for texture and then whatever embellishments come to my burbling little brain. By the next quilt meeting I hope to have a jacket ... and I'll hope for a lovely crisp October day so I'll feel like wearing it. ... That is if I haven't major-ly misjudged and find it's not finished by then.

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