Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New small quilts

My transcription job has always been feast or famine and it's not entirely predictable. As it happens I've had five days at home. I have not wasted my time. I was so excited by the bright colored pieces of batiks and other fabrics I purchase at the Guild meeting Saturday I set out early Sunday morning and pieced this baby size charity quilt. It is not yet backed and quilted but I had great fun piecing the bright squares. Then today, I got busy and made a slightly larger charity, baby size, quilt but in deeper colors -- perhaps for a boy child. This does not show the entire quilt but gives a flavor of the larger squares and the brilliance of the colors.
Hmm ... I see I've got the pictures reversed and the cropping on the bottom one didn't translate to this picture. In short, I'm a technological failure. Please bear with me.

In a way, I still believe that ''quilt" means "scraps". This second quilt owes a lot to my scrap bag into which the excess 2" stripes get stuffed. Fabrics appeared that I thought were long gone, and I finally used up a few that I thought I might never get rid of. I love scrap quilts above all -- except for truly artistic art quilts which are another category altogether.

I'm told there is work to do tomorrow, which is fine by my thoughts of my bank account. But I have two more ideas for quilts I want to make in the near term, one probably this coming weekend. I'm on a roll! Why stop? Of cousre, I'll have to stop and get out the batting [I have selected the backing and cut it to size] and then quilt them.

I went through my vacation pictures to see if there were some I want to send to people who were on the trip with me and found some, so I went to the local drugstore with it's one-hour and instant digital photo development [because my printer is painfully slow on photos and the drug store is inexpensive. In fact I went twice in the last two days only to be told the system was down.

Today I was told it was up and okay, but it wasn't and finally the clerk was sweet enough to work from a master computer and let me select the photos I wanted. Somehow I had over looked this dinner time photo before. It is so happy I just have to print it here. Tomas [at end of table] had taught us how the Czechs toast, not only clinking beer glasses, but sliding them together and then touching the table before drinking. Drinking what? The Czech's pride and joy, Pilsner Urquel -- and pride and joy it should be. It's wonderful beer. By the way Anhauser Busch "lifted" Budweiser from the Czechs. We had their beer called Budewar and it was light years different for the American Budewieser! So you can see our group was enjoying their beer before dinner was served.

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