Monday, September 03, 2007

End of Summer

Labor Day Weekend, the official end of summer -- it couldn't have been more beautiful! A hint of coolness in the mornings, low-ish 60s, and then up to a beautiful not too hot mid 80s. With a breeze, and a few scattered non-threatening clouds.

Lately it's been happening that summer doesn't really end until sometime in October. A chilly night will turn leaves; then autumn is here. But summer lingers, usually through September unless an errant hurricane blows a storm this far up. I can't help thinking about it meditatively and likening this phenomenon to aging. On the trip I've been writing about everyone was [I think] over 50 and more than half in the 60s. In the fashion and demographic world, we were in the autumn of life. Yeah? They should get to know a couple or three of the more atheltic women -- what wonderful examples of endurance! Like today wasn't summer? No, women [men too] in the so called first world, are not done with the summer of their lives just because they reach the big 5-0 or even the big 6-0. Autumn sneaks up on some of us like those frosts that turn leaves red and gold. I suspect last year was one of those frosts in my life. But then it happens that even after the leaves turn a bit we get more days like these last three have been. Sure seems like the perfecion of summer!

I am gratified to find that, feeling somewhat stiff after the vacation, I put my yoga mat (aka madala quilt, Amish style] down on the floor and began stetching exercises and felt results almost immediately. Not only did the stiffness begiin to dissipate, but I slept better and began fighting the jet lag symptoms as well. I began yoga more than half my life ago and have always found it helpful, whatever the problem ... as long as the problem isn't called chocolate and donuts.

I'm back at the sewing machine too, but no pictures, though much mediataion about quilting matters. 'Tis time to finish projects and get on with others. My guild meets Saturday, I'll have an infusion of inspiration when I see everyone's show and tell pieces.

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