Sunday, September 30, 2007


Let's call this the official photo even though it still doesn't have it's buttons and inspiration may yet dictate some beads here and there. But I won't foist another photo on anyone again until it is inhabited by a living, breathing body -- i.e., moi. A long thought about plan has reached fruition. What a good feeling! Now I have a couple of small quilts to quilt and bind and the one with the roosters to carry on making Now I have a "definitely will do" plan to make a winter counter part of the one that, as of this year, is the official summer one. The winter one will have a black background and jewel colored, paper pieced pattern. Enough for now. The first step, decision, has been taken, second step, color choice, is basically made, the third step, washing fabric not yet done, and fourth step, printing the pattern on the foundation paper not done. THEN I can start to sew. Soon, soon.

Another incredibly beautiful autumn day. After brunch with Katherine, who I met on my vacation, we had a little time to walk in Central Park and a bit of time on a bench in the Shakespeare garden where the usually neat and trim spring/summer flowers have given way to a wild English backyard of tall, tough stuff with flowers here and there like the last gasp of fecundity. [Is autumn the seasonal menopause with those summer like days the hot flashes?] Katherine enjoyed the trip at least a much as I did and I was surprised and envious when she said she's actually going back to Czech Republic in a couple of weeks with a friend and will see the southern part of the country and do some hiking/walking. Lucky lady!

Finally apologies for the sometimes mistake-full posts. I am a lousy proof reader of my own writing and sometimes I feel kind of rushed and don't really proof, so letters get left off or words run together or small words are left out. I'm just not a perfecionist by temperament. I guess that's a confession - but it hardly needs to be said, it's pretty evident.


Mandy said...

Beautiful jacket

kesathegeek from swap-bot

mamarara said...

That is a beautiful jacket.

macati said...

I like it!
macati (swap-bot)

Anonymous said...

That jacker is amazing!! I think however its too colourful even for me - who lives in odd socks (apart from today i start my new job later and need to make a good impression lol) I got your cards - day 2 arrived yesterday and day 1,3,4 arrived today - i am being very restrained though and not reading 3 and 4 till the specific days