Friday, September 28, 2007

Heartening day

I try hard to think that there are many good things happening in the world, but it's hard. When the news says the Myanmar goons opened fire and killed 8 protesters, I think ot Tienenaman Square where the official count was less than 50 and the word since is hundreds. I automatically multiply 9 by ten, at least. And the news spoke of stepped up attacks in Darfur -- which all the world seems to know about and does nothing to stop. Then there's the Blackwater goons in Iraq who supposedly shot eight people. although the first Iraq number was 20 and it may be more and now they say the whole operation was unnecessary! Then I hear that Bush refuses to sign global warming agreements at the UN. And the bad stuff just keeps piling up -- two school gunmen in the last couple days ... Nightmares around the world.

A job I did today helped cheer me. While Bush is being his arrogant usual, I transcribed a video of real estate managers for large companies say that in their global dealings they maintain green standards in buildings ... because companies in other parts of the world don't want to deal with them if they don't meet those standards. The enlightened other parts of the world are forcing us to shape up!! Hurray!!

How I wish Americans had that kind of moral courage. A couple days ago I saw a picture of Mantel's chairman apologizing to a Chinese offical because of his actions against the shoddy practices of Chinese toy manufacturers. Why was he apologizing? Because he wants cheap toys, because he has no moral backbone. If we had any moral backbone we'd pressure the Chinese government when they want to show off their progress in next year's Olympics, about their human rights record -- which is abysmal, toward their own people, and toward Tibetans in particular. Yes, I think the Dalai Lama is going to be given a Congressional Medal of Honor -- I hope that sends some kind of message. But it needs to be backed up with meaningful pressure ... I despair. It's very hard to be positive amid so much that is negative. Positivity is better for one's health [it seems] but it may not be honest.

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