Wednesday, May 28, 2008

UFOs and Plans

In a week the last Empire Guild meeting of the year will take place. I look forward to the annual member's sale because a couple of menbers have access to some quite wonderful fabrics and sell them at astonishingly low prices. Heaven knows I need more fabrics like I need a case of leprosy; but I'm already looking forward to finding some irresistable bargains.

Meanwhile I'm sitting here in sight of the UFO pile which is [except for the ancient UFOs that are well hidden] amassing in their own zippered plastic bags beside my sewing table. Some are PUFOs, which is to say "Planned Unfinished Objects", some with one or more of their future fabrics chosen. There are half a dozen. Plus I've just made my first "I Spy" quilt for a child, i.e., for the charity project of my guild, except it needs a final border, backing and quilting I'm about 70% sure I have fabric that will be appropriate but am not sure what part of the stash it might be in.

I have a variation of a Drunkards Path begun and will plod along with it [I need over 200 of the basic 3-1/2 blocks]. Meanwhile in the newest Quilters Newsletter there's an article by Barbara Barber [who spoke at our guild only three weeks ago] with an easier method of making Drunkards Path blocks. No, I'm not chucking what I have done so far although I considered it for some hours. I'll add Barbara's article to my pile of PUFOs because it'll have to stand in line behind the plans for a reversible quilt as I learned about the month before from Sharon Peterson. So it goes. PLUS I have two ambitious projects that are too pie-in-the-sky right now to even put in writing, each has A LOT of pieces.

The brain is racing/revving and about to go in orbit. I am almost never at a loss for ideas. I'm a loss or sheer time. It's a good state to be in.

The above flowers were also at the Conservatory garden. I'm not asking what they are but if anyone wants to tell me I'd not mind. Many thanks to Sue who's been identifying flowers And thanks, too, to Jane, who told me that another name for the allium is "Persian Stars." I've seen the decoration on some beautiful mosques in Turkey, Egypt and Morocco -- not Persia [now Iraq]. Their use of blue abstract designs is magnificent and that flower echos that beauty.

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Sue Reno said...

I can't resist...they are cranesbills, aka perennial geraniums, possible "Wargrave Pink." Coincidentally,I am running a series of posts about them, and quilts I've used them in, over at my blog.

Isn't spring grand?