Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two days, two quilties, too small

As the title says, I've made two quilties in the last two days, each took over an hour from picking out fabic to putting on fusable web to completion. I'm far from overwhelmed with either their appearance or my feeling about making them. The first one, the Coq au Vin has nothing going for it but a slightly macabre sense of humor -- the recipe calling for two three-pound chikens cut in pieces and the two very proud looking birds never suspecting they might become coq au vin for a dinner party. Such is man's inhumanity to chickens. Alas! The piece is a simple bit of fabric collage with the beginning of the recipe penned on the background with permanent Sharpie.

The second is also a simple fabric collage, I received many quite interesting cuts of fabric from an Australia woman yesterday. Of them a bubble gum pink piece with black and white skulls and these too pretty women with Medusa style hair-dos of snakes was the only one that I thought pretty horrible. Rather than throw it away, I decided to do something with the Medusa, so here she is, on a different background, quilted in a random way and surrounded by a black print border and by some of the black, red and green string with which the bundle of fabrics was tied.

What I have learned in this small experiment with quilties is that my imagination doesn't go much beyond quite simple-minded fabric collage. I kind of enjoy it putting together - but enjoy more so in a larger format where I have the space to do more with both pattern and embellishment, at least 12x12 or larger. These may become my total output in the world of quilties. No great loss any way you look at it.

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