Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another quiltie

A few days ago I showed my "Coq au Vin" quiltie with the receipe written in the backgruound and two plumb cocks standing unsuspectingly in the foreground. This is an example of my occasionally mordant sense of humor. But the quiltie wasn't for me it was for a swap partner. I read her profile and she's a shining example of the kind of green, aware, caring sort of person we need to multiply by the thousands. She doesn't say she's a vegetarian but I began to think she might not at all like the implications so I decided to make another quiltie -- having found some samples of the chicken fabric in different color ways.

So I made this which is called "Big Red Take the Speckled Lady to a Wine Tasting." I think it's definitely kinder and gentler ... and certainly we need more kindess and gentleness in life. I've sent both to the woman actually. I still am not comfy with the small size but I have found that one can have fun even when working 5x5 inches.

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