Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mozart Effect Redux

Just a week ago I heard a talk by a brain scientist debunking the "Mozart effect" that excited parents of babies a few years ago. It said that playing Mozart to your baby, even prenatally, and during first few years would make the child smarter. So all kinds of people jumped on the bandwagon, including nursery schools. Now they say, No! One small misunderstood study was never replicated and your kids aren't smarter.

BUT - ah-ha! Now a German neurosurgeon who is also a classically trained pianist and has a Ph.D. in Philosophy as well as medicine and music [Something made him smart!] has shown that Mozart's music, in particular, aids healing after surgery, lowers the pain pereption and calms people. He's even found the mechanism which is a certain growth hormone. I love it!! Maybe music isn't magic but it certainly is marvelous. Mozart is very marvelous, so are Beethoven, Schubert, and so on and on and on ... something really marvelous could happen if some of those kids with the primitive, pounding beats blasting through their gray matter from the IPod buttons in their ears, were replaced by a bit of Mozart. I think they would at least SEEM smarter and surely calmer and more peaceful. Wouldn't that be marvelous?


Anonymous said...

I prefer Delibes and Mendelssohn. I have been spotted by family members singing along at traffic lights on the way to work.

I also prefer older rock (things like Suzi Quatro The Beatles and Mr David Bowie) to slot of modern music. What happened do songs about holding your hands and your friends helping you out when you need it (the beatles) or life on mars and a guy in space called Tom (David) instead now its all about breaking up and kicking people out or stuff like that.

I'm 22 and I sound like my g-ma (she's 70 in July) who likes the Gaithers and random groups like that. Gaithers are cool but I couldn't see my friends listening to them.

Anonymous said...

I say singing along to some of it its mime conducting.