Friday, May 02, 2008

Starting another quilt, poem

Today's photos are from a day when spring really was here. Today is gray, damp and chilly but I know it IS spring. [A blog from Mongolia that I read reports a full scale blizzard in Ulan Bator - I guess that makes today balmy].

No photo yet worth posting but I started yet another nine-patch quilt to be chopped up and put back together -- this really is becoming a series. I had an idea very clearly in mind before I went to my stash and pulled out the bag of greens [I store fabrics by color in the zipped plastic bags that comforters or sheet sets come in] The more squares I cut the more I realized my mental idea wasn't going to work, the fabric patterns are too various. As I've been puttin together the 9 patch squares today I realize my visual imagination is simply not up to visualizing how this is going to look when cut up and sewn back together. It's a humbling thought but not a new one. There's a flip side [glass half full!] which is that I will be free to decide if it needs additions as the previous one did the parrots. Don't know yet.

Poetry month is over but I really didn't do a good job of posting poems during April. Another comes my way from daughter Rachel who heard it read yesterday, she thought I would know it and only gave me the title. I didn't know it but found not one, but two versions with a Google search. It's The Piano by D.H. Lawrence - interesting to click on this
link and read both versions. Rachel says it reminds her of being a little girl and hearing me playing the piano in the living room while she danced in the kitchen -- I didn't know she was in there dancing but I'm glad she was.

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