Friday, May 16, 2008

Dangerous Earth

Spring is playing peek-a-boo -- a nice day or two and then damp, gray, weather like yesterday and today an the threatened weekend. But this is time to get some small quilting done - One more quiltie, with picture to follow tomorrow, and a couple of quilted postcards and then I will make one, and possibly two blocks (12x12) for the Breast Cancer project. At my request I was sent some of the pink ribbon fabric which will be used with other fabrics -- another Carol Doak star -- or two. Time consuming but satisfying. Along with a great many more blocks,quilts will be made and auctioned for research.

While sewing there is plenty of thought time and what I've been thinking about as I wake mornings hearing news is of the general fierceness of this earth we live on. Yes, I feel quite save (although I've heard of a fault line that runs under the Con Ed plant just across the river in Queens -- a scary thought when hearing people in Illinois who never felt a earthquake before speak of their homes shaking.

But that's nothing compared, of course, to what happens in countries where few buildings are at all earthquake proof -- as in central China. The tolls are astonishing, 50 thousand there, 100 thousand killed by a cyclone in Myanmar and aid to the victims so badly -- stupidly -- handled. And then there are the tornados all over the central part of the US -- in Florida too and the auxillary problems that appear -- like the toxic waste strewn about so one of the towns is un-rebuildable. It just keeps adding up -- a volcano exploding in Chile ...These things are probably not global warming but the usual convulsions of the earth that have gone on since the beginning. It is a dangerous planet. Once in a while we need to have a thought to the big, big picture and then withdrawn snail-like to our little selves and consider our good fortune and the every present possibility of disaster. Then find a balance -- if you can.

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