Monday, May 12, 2008

Quilties, Inchies and other wee wonders

I'm a bit of a word watcher, a touch of the Lynn Truss sydrome [you know, Eats, Shoots and Leaves] I've lately seen a bunch of words turned "cutesy". I am now acquainted with "envies and addies" which are envelopes and addresses. I was truly befuddled about "inchies" -- one inch finished mini fabric art. Quilt Arts actually had an article on them. Why? I wonder, unless it's to be maybe jewelry, a pin or hanging on a necklace -- how about a necklace of inchie charms? Umm. I feel no appeal just as I've so far felt no urge to do ATCs [Artist's Trading Cards] which are about 2x3 and have become hugely popular among "artsy" types.

Quilties are a little more appealing and I'm about to make one and see how it feels. They are 5x5, finished. Partly their in-utility puts me off. What do you DO with little pieces, even if they are art and I believe some surely are [tho' mine aren't likely to be]. But the overall area is similar to quilted post cards which I have enjoyed making I plan to make more in the near future. And I think I'll have a go at a quiltie very shortly, like right after I have a big of supper, I have an idea ... We'll see, maybe I can post a picture of a quiltie tomorrow.

By the way, my Lynn Truss type peeve is "their" which I find used even in the New York Times and in books from major publishers as a singular or all purpose pronoun. I shudder every time I see it used that way - it's plural. Period. It refers to more than one person and almost all the dreadful sentences in which it is used incorrectly could be very simply restated so the writer or speaker wouldn't need a pronoun at all. End of mini-rant.


God's Rock Angel said...

I've made inchies (out of card - like miniture postcards) but they are really fiddly and you can't get much on them.
I liked ATC's but I've kinda gone off them - I think again because I like the big picture and they are so small - I think postcard size is about right for me not to big not too small.

Quilties sound fun! Just about right for me - not too big and not too small. My Mum makes big quilts (she made one for my bed when i lived at her house and now i have moved out she made another but our room is too hot to use it for most of the year :()

quiltingnana said...

Thanks for introducing me to quilties...I have been into big quilts for quite awhile and have lots of small scraps.

Agree with your peeve of "their"