Sunday, February 10, 2008


It was an interesting, and very nice, weekend. For reasons too personal and compound to go into here I realized that I have lived an independent and singular life that is different than most American women. The main reason I went to Cape Cod this weekend was because there was a surprise wedding shower for Cori. I have never been to a shower before, neither wedding nor baby shower [it occurs to me this might not be literally true]. Or not to a surprise shower for someone in my immediate circle. This is probably and oddity. It was a fun event. I think I may have almost OD=ed on sugar. But it was fun to see Cori truly "showered" with gifts for a new home, and delighted to receive them from a large circle of friends. She handled the event with grace and modesty that was, if a grandmother may brag -- and of course a grandmother WILL brag -- a picture of perfect poise.
As someone remarked, it looked as if she had a permanent smile attached to her face -- and she has a beautiful smile, as can be seen. The top picture is with Rachel, her mother, and the second speaks for itself.

I do not regret having lived a shower-less life; but it was good to be a part of this one, part of the pretext for getting her there - picking up bride's maid's dresses on which I would do a bit of seamstress work. In fact, Rachel and I did do some such work, also on Rachel's suit she will wear. It was pleasant work -- nice to realize that years of tailoring my wardrobe have not been forgotten. I got a preview of the wedding dress and was delighted by it's elegance and by little details that make it special. I also had an opportunity to go to a fabric store and buy backing for the blue star quilt -- batting too ... now I've got my work cut out for me. I am far from certain I will have it quilted in a month's time. But I'm going to try.

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