Monday, February 11, 2008

Not a Caribbean vacation

February is the perfect time to escape from NYC, it's cold, gray, thoroughly uncomfortable -- today was 15 degrees with a wind chill that sent it down to, as the reporters like to say, single digits. BRRRR. Twice I've been truly smart and escaped to warm, wonderful places, once Costa Rica and once to Thailand. So I didn't expect a respite when I headed north to Cape Cod -- and it certainly wasn't as the bus went up Rte. 95, swishing it's windshield wipers against cold rain dripping from an iron gray sky. But after we turned east at Providence, passed New Bedford, the sky lightened and I glimpsed the sun, which shown off and on -- even in a wonderful blue sky for a few hours.

No, it wasn't balmy, but it wasn't as cold as expected. Saturday morning was really quite pleasant so that Rachel and I walked Molly, the dog, around Hathaway's Pond, picture above -- a nice walk that's at least half a mile, maybe more. The pond is really quite close to their house and a favorite because other dogs are few so Molly can be off leash which makes it a favorite of hers. No, it wasn't the Caribbean, but it was a very nice change for me. Then --just to be ironic, I got home and had an email from Leslie in California saying she was spending part of Saturday afternoon in shorts beside th backayard pool. If only that were a short bus ride away ...

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