Sunday, February 24, 2008

quilting the quilt

Just what I needed! A Swap-bot swap for pink fat quarters arrived a couple days ago and contained these nice bright pinks. I had really depleted my bright pink stash with the red/bright pink ribbon on dark background quilt I made during the fall. So now I have replenished to a degree. Very satisfying!

Meanwhile I've spent several hours this weekend fussy quilting the stars on the blue and white quilt. I have so little work space, I spend almost as much time positioning the quilt for each part of the quilting as I do actually sewing. And still it is not quilting to be proud of, it's serviceable but not brag-able.
When the starry central section is finished I'll be able to quilt the borders in rows, probably a chain design and will not have to change and adjust the whole big quilt so frequently. I really don't enjoy this sort of quilting because of the sheer difficulty with bulk. I do enjoy quilting wall size quilts, with them I have easy control.

Actually I really enjoy hand quilting but I do almost none of it because reading is always a greater priority than almost anything else in the evening. Last evening longtime friend, playwright Gary Hill, brought me a couple of books he strongly recommends. I am very eager to start them and at this very moment a part of my mind is debating going to the near-by Thalia Theater to see Ingmar Bergman's Autumn Sonata which I saw many years ago and have wanted to see again because it was Ingrid Bergman's last movie [I think] and there's a scene in it that I've remembered all these years, I think the movie is winning but the books are like Sirens singing an irresistable song.

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