Friday, February 29, 2008

Stash additions

It was a busy week, and a very chilly one. From Monday until today I've not been able to sit down at the sewing machine. I plan to make up for that tomorrow and Sunday and hope to finish the quilting on Cori's quilt. I'm having a mental argument with myself about whether to wash it when I'm done - there will be some marking that, even though I have a good eraser that works really well, there will be marks I hope to take out. But of course, washing changes the look -- I LIKE the look of a washed and dried quilt but it is less crisp and new looking. Well, I've got at least 48 hours in which to ponder that.

I stopped in at the Housing Works Thrift Store today with no agenda at all. Found a book about memoir writing that was 50 cents and I found a basket of fabrics! A lot of place mats were mixed in with some cuts of fabric. There were decorator fabrics, taffetas, linens BUT there were two cotton pieces,one a lovely multihued apricot/peach/melon colored piece and the other a great blueish red reads-as-crimson print -- total cost $4.00 and each is about 3-1/2 yards long. Well, I was a happy little lark when I left the store! My imagination was tracking over some ideas I've had for quilts ... the sense of POSSIBILITIES is exciting. I guess that's really why we stash junkies can't stop adding to our collection. I think stash building is different than collecting objects. Objects are to have -- because they're beautiful, because you are fascinaed with their history or making. But a stash is all about possibilities ... what we can make. Woo-hoo!!

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