Friday, February 22, 2008

Back to Quilting Tomorrow

Well thanks to the flu and a week of actual work to do, I've had a quilting hiatus. But tomorrow promises to be a good day -- almost every type of wetness is dripping, floating, drizzling, descending in one way or another from leaden skies today and more is promised tomorrow -- wonderful weather to stay in and quilt. I'll put the sandwich together, and decide how to mark the central motifs and set to work ... what a great excuse for not vacuuming or dusting or ironing the few pieces that were laundered earlier this week that need a touch of a hot iron.

Meanwhile I had a note from playwright friend, Geralyn, to tell me of a contest for ten minute plays that somehow feature quilts -- trouble the is deadline is in a week. Can I come up with a conflictual situation, perhaps with scraps flying .. or something. The imagination has been put in gear ... I can nearly always come up with something when given a challenge. That does not guarantee it might be stage worthy, of course. We shall see ... The above picture is Cori, for whom the quilt is about being made. This is to inspire me to get a move on.

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