Tuesday, February 26, 2008

new quilt challenge

I just read about a fascinating project to benefit breast cancer research. A group whose contact person is Jacqueline Jones is asking groups of quilters [or perhaps even individuals] to use used wedding dresses, which the organization will provide, to make a quilt which will then be auctioned with proceeds going to the national breast cancer organzization. Click here to go to their website. One can imagine beautiful white on white quilts or quilts with wonderful applique on white silk or satin ... and much else is possible.

My quilting of "The Wedding Quilt" is going right along. I feel fairly certain I can have it done in the two and a half weeks remaining. I've reached the easier big white spaces that are borders so I don't have to keep fighting with the bulk of a full sized quilt -- it's there but it's not a fight now, so I'm enjoying this part of it. And as I work at this relatively repetitive quilting my mind keep going to other quilts .. a couple that have been started, others I'd like to start. Patience ... it's an exercise in patience... good lesson to learn, one of the things quilting, like many kinds of handwork teach one.

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Garnered Stitches said...

Good Luck on completing your quilt. It looks brilliant. I'm a bit of a novice on the quilting front. I did machine quilt my Daughter's single bed quilt last year, very simple "in the valley" sewing, nothing complicated, but I didn't enjoy fighting the quilt around the sewing machine, so I shall keep to hand quilting in future - or sending it to a long arm quilter, if I can afford it!!!
Best wishes