Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Quilt Top

This is the quilt pattern I've been looking at as I sewed for the past three weeks. Carol Doak published it in the magazine, $100,000 Quilting Challenge, the Premier Issue. It publishes articles on and by well known teachers and designers. She's long been a favorite designer. And I liked this quilt very much.

This is Carol Doak's book that I've been using for the past three years to make paper pieced stars. The nine stars in the quilt are from this book and are not all the same ones she used in her quilt. She did not restrict herself to one color as I did - she used red and green and something very light as the background of the stars. I kept trying to balance the blues and made quite a few quarter stars that proved I needed to make different choices, in fact, I made a few half stars before I realized a combination or a star wasn't going to work and there is one complete star that I thought was okay until I photographed it and realized it just wasn't visually clear. I will not claim that the final choices are the very best either. I used fabric from my stash and did not purchase new blues for this. There are quite a few fabrics -- I haven't counted them but 10 or 12 I think.

It's a very gray day and as I complain all the time, the light is terrible in my apartment so this looks gray and the color is really yucky. Perhaps you can go back to some of the individual stars for a better idea of the color. Anyway, the whole is here, ironed, paper removed, outside border not really visible, waiting to be quilted. Actually waiting for a backing fabric. There are two possible blues in my stash but neither seem right to me so I'll look for something I like better over the weekend. I like the top -- I really like blue and white. I wished it showed true color in the photo. I think the recipient will too.

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