Saturday, February 02, 2008

Two more stars and two to go

Moving right along -- I need a total of ten paper pieced stars. I've got eight done although I'm not sure if I showed them all. These are the two most recent, one of which replaces the one I showed a couple days ago that was visually muddled. I'll get another done tomorrow. I've got to wah and iron the a blue and white print that will make up borders and four largish triangles. I'm curious how it will all work in the mlarger design -- I'll show the pattern I'm aiming for tomorrow I think.

It was a disappointing day -- bright sun had been promised. It was sunny until about 10:30 and then turned cloudy ... nothing fell out of the sky, happily. In fact we had no snow in January at all -- which hasn't happened in 75 years of record keeping. But today was Groundhog Day and the fat little beast was tugged out of his cozy den early while the sun was shining -- meaning he saw his shadow which means, so they say, six more weeks of winter Well ... more of the same is fine, I guess. But this is a silly tradition, mainly a media event, a break from the continuous political jabber and the emphasis on Britany's psychoss. Yawn to all of it.

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