Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Naked Trees

These are the pictures of naked trees that I took Sunday on my walk in the part. There were so many more I might have taken pictures of. They are grand, individual. There was one with many recent, unhealed scars from purnings that I didn't take for the same reason I wouldn't take pictures of a person's surgical incisions.

I sat for a while contemplating that here in the Northern Hemisphere durign the winter we humans cover out suddenly vulnerable bodies in layers of clothing and hide even our shapes, often using the wool of sheep or other animals, the leather of some, the fur of others, and down of birds, plus a variety of fleeces invented just for our comfort. But the trees, stand naked, showing us their shapes and individualities as they do not in the summer when the leaves get all tangled with leaves of their neighbors and hide from us the structures of the limbs. They have a heartiness we don't have and their own kind of vulnerability ... as do all living things in their own ways. Enough, basta!

I've been quilting most of the day and will have pictures tomorrow, making good progressa and very much appreciating the purity and tradition of a blue and white qjuilt, especialy those expanses of white. Lately I often get tired of looking at all the complex color in quilts even at the same time I have a wonderful time putting them together.

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