Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Would it be life without problems?

The title says it all. There are two such titles published and there are two posts previously. At some point I will get the problem figured out. For right now, certain parts of the blogger program immediately break my DSL connection so I cannot get to past posts to delete or edit.

Winter is seriously here and it is so dark and dreary this week and most of last I've taken no photos and been inspired to do nothing outdoors. I have put together the top of squares -- picture soon. But now the Christmas cards are arriving and I have to write my own. My various card-ees, are from a variety of areas of my life so that I can't do a blanket note. It seems my life has arrived at an accordian file stage. I am the accordian file but my sets of friends and correspondents are in various pockets and sometimes there's little overlap. I don't mind -- I've been a Gemini all my life, meaning lots of interests, a variety of irons in the fire. Love variety. This is not a complaint.

Besides the cards there are gifts and the majority must be mailed -- soon! I'm getting antsy about that. I love going to the big general P.O. near Penn Station early in the morning, say 8:00. Usually the line is very short. Yesterday there were twenty in live when I arrived with a couple of packages I had to get moving through the systems. It's just going to get worse. Though I must say that mostly the P.O. is effecient and I run into a lot of very pleasant clerks. Back to quilts and photos soon.

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