Sunday, December 16, 2007

One, of many reasons, why I love New York

Often I think about moving out of New York and I know I will one day. But sometimes I am very aware of what I would miss. Today I'm thinking of the Apple stores, the Genius Bar [for trouble shooting] and all the smart people who help a confused non-techno-aged person who could be their gramma. PLUS the stores are so chic! I think the architectural core idea is to gut an old building, put in a dramatic staircase, display wares as if it were a boutique with lots of space and simplicity. The Soho store was up for an architectural prize a couple years ago. Yesterday I went to the new store on 14th Street which is dramatically the same and dramatically different at the same time -- great use of space.

Unlike a store like Macy's where finding a sales person takes detective work and then the clerk may or may not be personable, the young people at the Apple stores are plentiful and very helpful and I get absolutely no whiff of agism [beleive me, I'm alert to it in, I swear, a nonparanoid way]. The wonderful Genius on Saturday solved a couple of problems by installing new programs for me -- I think I should have no more photo uploading problems -- I just don't have an appropriate photo today.

I have lived long periods of my life in much more rural settings. Getting this kind of help is impossible most places. And certainly visiting stores that are so attractive is unusual even here.

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I heard on the news at lunch that there had been loads of snow in New York - are you ok? (Not that I'd really be able to do much if there was something wrong but it's running round my brain all afternoon about if you were ok)