Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our share of the storm

[I'm trying to prettiy this but blogger is not letting me upload a picture today]

Very often it seems we in NYC get news of horrible weather in other parts of the country. But many of the storms seem to wear themselves out making roads impassible and dumping ice where trees and power lines will come down and chill homeowners. However the nasty storm I've heard about for three days now, seems finally to have arrived. So far wet and cold but not worse. Of course NYC itself is a sort of mini-climate, producing it's own heat shield -- which is why our autumn was one week long this year.

My mood at the moment is let it come. I don't have to go out again today. I have stuff I want to eat in the refrigerator, I have a put together quilt top to iron and another set of blocks to add to, I have a stack of Christmas cards to write and a couple of other writing projects going and, of course, a LOT of books to read, four or five started. The radio plays nice classical music with the occasional ad for a Messiah concert that gives a touch of the season. Could it be any better? Well, of course, if I want to start wishing for extras. But this is good enough for right now.

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