Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Moving Along

I finished this quilt top with a nice little border of a bright stripe that adds a nice oomph which I may also use for the binding. Then I discovered, happily, that a cotton bedspread purchased in Kathmandu several years ago but never used, is exactly the right size for a back for the quilt. I was getting ready to layer it with batting several days ago when a very sane thought struck -- it would be extremely wise to wash it first. For several days I did not have an opportunity to get to the laundry room but now I've done so and ironed it. And as of this morning, I layered the batting and pinned it. So now it's ready to be quilted.

In one of those insights best described by the immortal term "Duh!" I see that this quilt design is really a replica of the very common multi-colored knitted afghan pattern. That doesn't detract from my pleasure in the look of the quilt.

I'm really moving right along. I also layered a small lap quilt that I'll post a picture of tomorrow. It will be quilted first since it's for a swap and needs to be mailed off in a week. And I'm putting together a paper pieced top that I've been making for nearly three months -- more about these anon when I've taken pictures.

Yes, I know it was Christmas but I haven't celebrated Christmas for a long, long time and I love having it as a "personal day." I had a long walk in the brilliant sun around the Great Lawn in Central Park and I've been writing stuff and now that it's evening I will pick up the book I've been reading but maybe do a crossword puzzle first. 'twas a lovely day.

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